Supporting Outdoor Learning

Supporting your school to take learning outdoors.

Lacking confidence about taking learning outdoors? On this page we have advice on how best to deliver a wide range of inspirational curriculum based outdoor learning in your school grounds.

Benefits of outdoor learning

•    Easier to social distance in large outdoor spaces; especially with fewer shared objects or surfaces.
•    Covid-19 spreads more easily indoors, and it is thought that UV from sunlight kills viruses more quickly on surfaces.
•    Teaching and learning outdoors has been found to have a positive impact on both teachers' and pupils' mental wellbeing.
•    Outdoor learning has also been shown to have a positive impact on cognition, learning and engagement

Our consultancy and training service is FREE for all Waltham Forest schools but we can deliver outside the borough. 

If you have any questions please get in touch.

To keep your pupils safe when learning outdoors, always follow the current guidance regarding the use of share spaces and resources.

We have videos to help you take your learning outdoors for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 here.

To encourage families to continue with outdoor learning outside of school here are some top tips to get kids outdoors.