Our Vision Mission and Aims

Our Vision

A dedication to deliver memorable, first-hand experiences of nature that educate and inspire; developing respect and understanding on ways to protect the natural world.

Our Mission

Building on our environmental legacy, we will continue to nurture a collective responsibility for the world which future generations will inherit by creating opportunities for children, young people, adults and families to protect, discover and enjoy Epping Forest and the wider natural world.

Visit our Commitment to the environment page to find out ways we are achieving our vision, mission and aims.

Our Aims

  • Provide a unique educational setting for experiencing and exploring Epping Forest;
  • Guide visitors to develop and maintain a sustainable relationship between themselves and the natural world;
  • Create engaging programmes of on-site and outreach activities that allow urban communities to experience the physical and mental benefits that come from connecting with nature;
  • Share practical skills and knowledge of the natural world that cannot be taught in a classroom or boardroom;
  • Celebrate and share the value of Epping Forest's ancient woodland, natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage;
  • Demonstrate ways to protect the natural world.