Meet the team

Our Team

  • Kerry Rolison

    Head of Suntrap Forest Centre

    Kerry is a qualified primary school teacher, with a degree in environmental studies. Before joining Suntrap, she had four years teaching in schools in Haringey and Waltham Forest. She joined Suntrap as a bright eyed naturalist in 1989. Since then, she has inspired thousands of young people with her knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors. She became Head in 2005 and has since introduced a successful family learning programme.

  • Emma Lewis

    Senior Environmental Education Officer

    Emma is a qualified secondary Science teacher with experience working in schools in Sussex. She joined our team in 2012, from a Field Centre in Buckinghamshire.

  • Louise Horsfall

    Environmental Education Officer

    Louise holds an environmental degree and is a qualified Forest School Practitioner.  She joined the team in 2016, bringing her experience as an outdoor and environmental educator in the local area.

    Louise is driven by the desire to inspire the next generation of global citizens.  She is a firm believer in the power of direct experiences to generate lifelong learning and well-being impacts.



  • Emily Hirst

    Environmental Education Officer

    Emily joined Suntrap Forest Centre Summer 2021.

    After completing a Zoology degree she qualified as a secondary science teacher and worked in schools in Dagenham and outreach centres in Surrey and West London. More recently Emily organised the London Environmental Education Forum (LEEF) National Conference for Urban Environmental Education at the London Natural History Museum. Emily is now cycling to work and is excited to ‘call my workplace Epping Forest’. 

  • Jordan Gledhill

    Environmental Education Officer

    Jordan joined the team Autumn 2021 after working for the Field Studies Council.

    After studying Conservation Biology at Plymouth University, Jordan set off on his conservation career by joining different volunteer and internship programs around the world. Spending time in the South African Bush and in the jungles of South East Asia, Jordan managed to put together a strong set of real-world conservation skills. Read more about this work at the One Planet Conservation Awareness (OPCA) website.


  • Abi Young

    Environmental Education Officer

    Abi joined Suntrap in Spring 2022 and holds a Geography degree from Lancaster University and has been part of the environmental organisation TCV (The Conservation Volunteers). Recently,  Abi gained work experience in Singapore as an environmental educator.

    Abi said 'I'm looking forward to joining Suntrap, teaching kids about climate and wildlife and sharing my passion for learning outdoors'.

  • Emily Purser

    Climate Action Outreach Coordinator

    Emily joined the team September 2021 and has been instrumental in the delivery of the  first Waltham Forest Climate Summit for Schools and Colleges. 

    Currently, Emily works closely with young people across the borough to engage in climate learning and on a Climate Leadership Programme. In addition, Emily is studying for an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development at SOAS University with a focus on climate justice, carbon offsetting projects and climate policy for a just transition.

  • Poppy Flint

    Climate Action Outreach Co-ordinator

    Poppy holds a BA in Theatre: Design for Performance and an MSc in Education for Sustainability. She has over a decade of experience in running in-school sessions and advocating for environmental and sustainability education for organisations including the Country Trust, SEEd and Waltham Forest based OrganicLea.

    She also leads her own arts-based sustainability education projects.  Poppy is committed to supporting schools to embed climate learning and action and maximise its potential for the well-being of the school community and a flourishing future.


  • Paul Sparrow

    Grounds and Animal Care Officer

    Paul has rejoined the Suntrap team in March 2022, having previously working at Suntrap from 2004 - 2016.

    Paul has a background in site services at local schools so may well be recogonised by some of our younger visitors.   

    Paul said 'I've loved coming back to work at Suntrap!

    There's something about the site that feels like returning home.  It's always been a nice place to work and the people who work here are always great as well.  Plus I get the chance to get outdoors!'

  • Helen Bigham

    Marketing and Customer Services Manager

    Helen joined Suntrap in early 2019, with a background in the global advertising sector.  As a mature student she gained an education degree and with her background in marketing developed a children's centre, dyslexia charity and community hub. 

    With childhood memories of Suntrap, Helen said, 'I feel I've completed a full circle, returning to Suntrap has enabled me to come back to a place I love and share the Suntrap environmental philosophy with the wider world'. 

  • David Lindo

    Honorary President of the Friends of Suntrap

    David's insight and guidance has been invaluable in taking our work forward. Known as the 'Urban Birder', he developed a passion for wildlife and birds growing up in inner London.  Subsequently he's on a mission to connect city dwellers with nature around them through his charity work and career as a well-renowned author, columnist, broadcaster and urban wildlife educationalist. Read more about his great work.    


  • Friends of Suntrap

    Reg. Charity No. 1102119

    The Friends of Suntrap was originally set up in 2000 for anyone that supports our aim to provide an educational centre that encourages a deeper understanding of nature for children and young people in Greater and Inner London.  Opportunities include volunteering a wide-range of guises, fundraising and promoting our vision.  Contact us to find out more and share your ideas on  how you can help us build on our great legacy.