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Suntrap, based in Epping Forest, offers outdoor environmental activities for schools, amilies, adults and community groups. With a legacy of over fifty years, many of our users come back again and again.

Everyone who comes to Suntrap is given the opportunity to learn about our natural environment here in the forest, along with positive actions they can take to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies. We hope to equip all our visitors with age-appropriate knowledge and experiences; helping them to make choices to protect the environment going into the future.

While we are focused on outside activities, Suntrap will continue to monitor the situation with regard to Covid-19 and respond to changes in the Government's guidelines, updating our policy as needed. Read more here. 

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We offer a range of programmes and activities for students of all ages from Early Years to post 16.

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Excellent personal service and children well looked after. Very knowledgeable. Will book for other year groups.

You do everything so well; engaging the children and giving them the courage to have a go and just enjoy - worth every penny!