09.11.21 - What's in Fashion?

Day 2: What's In Fashion?

Today's focus is the things we buy, use and throw 'away'.

Read below our Daily Climate Action with lesson ideas and challenge yourself and your class to throw away less this week.

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  • Daily Action: No single use drinks

    Today encourage pupils and school staff to use NO cans, cartons, glass or plastic bottles.

    What other ideas do students have for reducing single use items?


    Daily Action - details and ideas
  • Keynote speaker: Primary school

    Kids Against Plastic

    Start the day with this video from Kids Against Plastic. Find out what motivated Amy and Ella to start their campaign.
    Use the resource to explore the issue of plastics, fashion and waste in more detail.



    Keynote supporting resource
  • Keynote speaker: Secondary schools and colleges

    Olivia Lara Weber - Trashion Factory

    Watch this inspiring video by the founder of a Leyton based social enterprise, Trashion Factory.

    Olivia Lara Weber talks about what inspired her to start this business and why a closed-loop business model is better for the climate.

    Keynote supporting resource
  • KS1 & KS2 Resources

    Who makes our clothes & where do they come from?

    This is a 20 minute online video lesson made by Thought Box education for the national Youth Climate Summit 2020 

    Recommended resource
  • KS3 & KS4 resources

    Tackling Fast Fashion

    This video by teenagers about tackling fast fashion is a good starting point for using TRAID's Behind the Seams tool kit.

    Behind the Seams toolkit
  • Post 16

    Force of Nature podcast

    This 12-part podcast explores a different aspects of the climate crisis with our mental health as a key consideration. It covers food, fashion, media and our addiction to fossil fuels.

    Access the podcast
  • Families

    Reuse Activities at Home

    The Suntrap at Home page includes lots of recycling and reuse activities such as including making a wormery, sprouting scraps and making natural dyes.



    Suntrap at Home
  • CPD session

    Tuesday 9 November 2021 4.00pm - 4.45pm

    Zero Carbon Schools

    Zero carbon, net-zero, carbon footprint – these are all phrases we are hearing a lot these days and it is crucial students are knowledgeable and feel empowered to tackle this subject.

    Click here to read more about the session. 

    Click for booking link
  • More inspiration: Podcasts, books, etc.

    Story of Stuff

    The Story of Stuff project has series of fast-paced, fact-filled animations including The Story of Bottled Water, The Story of Microfibers and The Story of Solutions.

    Discover the Story of Stuff