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Epping Forest is home to 50,000 ancient trees making it the perfect location to get outdoors, connect with nature, and learn about the climate & ecological crisis. A visit to Suntrap will equip young people with age-appropriate knowledge & experiences to help them to make choices to protect the environment going into the future.

We understand teachers look to book memorable school trips with total ease and more now than ever, a focus on outdoor learning is paramount, so how do you combine the two?

Our amazing new camping pods for a residential stay is the answer! Read more information here.

All your questions answered on what we provide for schools all in one brochure read here.  

For Waltham Forest Schools join us at the Waltham Forest Climate Summit for Schools and Colleges running 7 - 18 November 2022. Click here to register your school.

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EYFS Activities

Read more about our EYFS programme

Our EYFS activites

Key Stage 1 Activities

Read more about the different activities we have for Key Stage 1 pupils

Key stage 1 and what we offer

Key Stage 2 Activities

Activities include learning about animals, plants and rocks and soils

Everything on offer for Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3 Activities

Learn about ponds, river studies and more with our Key Stage 3 activities

Key Stage 3 Activities

Key Stage 4 Activities

Environmental studies, shelter building and more form part of our key stage 4 activities

Key Stage 4 Activities

Post 16

A'level geography and biology fieldwork and adventurous learning

Post 16 are also included

You do everything so well; engaging the children and giving them the courage to have a go and just enjoy!

Thank you very much for all of your hard work. It was an excellent experience and the girls got a lot out of it.