Meet the Suntrap animals

  • Suntrap animals are for life...

    Our animals are very important to us.  Read here on how they help us to promote environmental learning.

  • Bees

    Bzzzz! Our brilliant bees provide us with delicious honey and help to pollinate all our local plants. Don't get too close without a supervisor. 

    Read more about outreach visits.

  • Bearded Dragon

    Norbert is our resident bearded and quite rightly majestic dragon. Although scaly in skin he’s gentle in character. He has to be kept warm at all times and so cannot go on outreach visits. He likes a staycation under his lamp- who wouldn't!

  • Tortoise

    Our Tortoise Sasha, is a fairly new addition to the Suntrap pets. He loves outdoor adventures on sunny days but isn't old enough to visit schools yet.

    Meet Sasha and find out about Suntrap on Tour.

  • Madagascan hissing cockroach

    The Madagascan hissing cockroach is a friendly and endearing creature. Found on the forest floor in the Madagascan island off the East Coast of Africa. Have you heard the noise they make?

    Find out more.

  • African land snails

    Our amazing giant African land snails have no bones and no legs but can get around pretty quickly! They have hard shells for protection and hide inside when they are scared. 

    Find out more.

  • Rabbit

    Chip our sweet rabbit was named by visitors at one of our open days. She is now quite an old lady, so she has a quiet life here at Suntrap and doesn't go on outreach visits.

  • Indian Stick Insects

    Indian Stick Insects are great at hide and seek as they can use camouflage to hide from predators. They live up in the trees in the forests of India, where they eat leaves. On a normal day here at Suntrap they like to confuse our visitors and enjoy life hiding and eating.

    Find out more.

  • Chickens

    We have a variety of wonderful chickens at Suntrap. In the evenings they roost in their comfy pens, during the day they have free range of the Suntrap gardens. They unfortunately do not go on outreach visits, they're too fast and like to keep an eye on things here at Suntrap!

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  • Salamanders

    Our resident gentle fire salamanders are fascinating amphibians which are naturally found under rocks, logs or holes in the forests of Europe and Africa. They forage at night for invertebrates and our love worms!

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  • Cornsnake

    Cynthia the corn snake is our friendly resident born in 2005. Corn Snakes are found in the corn fields of central and north America. They eat the mice that would otherwise eat the corn, so they are quite popular with farmers!

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