Suntrap science activities allow pupils to learn through exciting first-hand practical experiences, providing opportunities to work scientifically, through scientific enquiry.

(identifying, classifying & grouping, fair testing & using scientific equipment).

  • Animals with or without bones - (Indoor activity). A hands on session to investigate vertebrates and invertebrates, using our bone collection & Suntrap animals. Curriculum links: Science Y3 Animals including humans

  • Exploring plants in Epping Forest - Enjoy a range of games & activities in the forest to explore the different parts and functions of plants & their lifecycles. Curriculum links: Science Y3 Plants

  • Rocks and soil - A hands on session in the forest to explore the different layers found under the ground, before an indoor session to carry out some rock testing. Curriculum links: Science Y3 Rocks

  • Classification & food chains - Use keys to identify and classify real live animals & understand how they fit into a food chain. Choose one of the following to explore;  Ponds (April to October only), Woodland invertebrates (all year), Suntrap animals (indoor activity). Curriculum links: Science Y4 Living things and their habitats, Animals, including humans

  • Parts of a flower - (April - September only) Use a microscope to observe, identify and record the parts of a real flower e.g. petals, stamen and carpel before exploring a variety of flowering plants in the Suntrap grounds and forest. Curriculum links: Science Y3 Plants, Y5 Living things and their habitats

  • Plant life-cycles in Epping Forest - Explore the plants in the forest find out about life cycles, photosynthesis, identification, pollination, seed dispersal & germination. Curriculum links: Science Y5 Living things and their habitats

  • Animal adaptation - Through hands on activities explore how real live animals are adapted to their habitat. Choose one of these habitats to study; - Meadow (April - September only) - Pond (April – October only) - Woodland. Curriculum links: Science Y6 Living things and their habitats, Evolution and inheritance

  • Suntrap animals - classification & adaptation (Indoor activity, available as an outreach visit to your school.) A hands on session with real live animals to explore the characteristics of each of the vertebrate and invertebrate groups & to discover how each animal is adapted to survive in its habitat. Curriculum links: Science Y6 Living things and their habitats, Evolution and inheritance

Fantastic, quick paced and informative day. Very good inclusion (child in wheel-chair). Thank you so much for all your hard work.


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