08.11.21 - Healthy Waltham Forest

Day 1: Healthy Waltham Forest

Many people already walk or cycle to school which is wonderful for their health and local air quality, but of course not possible for everyone.

Read below our Daily Climate Action to set your own low carbon travel challenge and find ideas to make the most of this learning opportunity. 

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  • Daily Action: Active travel

    Encourage pupils and school staff to walk or cycle to school. Or if people drive a distance, try public transport instead. 

    This is action 1 of the week long Climate Action Challenge. Will your school complete all 5 actions?

    Daily Action - details and ideas
  • Keynote speaker: Primary school

    Chingford C of E primary school pupils

    Start the day watching this uplifting keynote speaker video by children from Chingford C of E Primary School talking about air quality and what the School Streets initiative means for them.

    Follow the viewing with a quick discussion or use the video to start a whole lesson on the theme.

    Keynote supporting resources
  • Keynote speaker: Secondary schools and colleges

    East London Waterworks Park

    Start the day with this keynote video about East London Waterworks Park. Local resident, Nathan Miller, explains how they are working with others to turn an ambitious idea into reality. This project will benefit people, the ecology and make Waltham Forest more climate resilient. 


    Keynote supporting resources
  • KS1 & KS2 Resources

    Oceans and Air

    Surfers Against Sewage have put their Ocean School online, bringing lots of environmental and sustainability topics to your the classroom via the ocean. 

    The Healthier Air for Leicester campaign has complied 10 air quality experiments for KS1 - KS4


    Dive in to the Ocean School
  • KS3 & KS4 resources

    Freedom to Breathe

    Freedom to Breathe is a campaign for the right to clean air. It provides curriculum linked resources for KS2 and KS3. 

    The Healthier Air for Leicester campaign has complied 10 air quality experiments for KS1 - KS4

    Freedom to Beathe resource
  • Post 16

    SuDS and mapping

    Learn ArcGIS has a lesson gallery with a wide range of geography and environmental science based projects including this one on Drains to Oceans. Note: an account is required after an initial free trial.

    The Geography Association explains how Sustainable Urban Drainage can be taught in GCSE and A Level specifications.

    Learn ArcGIS
  • Mental health & wellbeing

    Introduction to climate anxiety

    Climate anxiety or eco-anxiety is a mental health concern that is increasingly being taken seriously. Young people who feel very worried about the future state of the planet, and therefore their own futures, are most at risk.  

    This guide from Transform Our World is a useful explainer for teachers and families.  

    Climate Anxiety Introduction
  • CPD session

    Monday 8 November 2021 4.00pm - 5.00pm

    Running a People's Assembly with students 

    People’s assemblies are a structured way for a group of people to discuss issues or make decisions collectively, so that all voices are heard and valued equally, and no one person or group dominates the discussion.

    It is a great way to get the quieter voices heard.

    Click here to watch a recorded summary of this session.

    Click for booking link
  • More inspiration: Podcasts, books, etc.

    In this 2 minute video Choked Up UK founder Anjali-Raman Middleton explains the campaign she co-founded and her hopes for COP26 - watch and share.


    Creative Inspiration for Educators

    The Creative Schools Slow Symposium, 8th - 18th November, is a free, flexible programme for schools, colleges and cultural organisations. They are supporting the Climate Summit, showing the important link between creativity and climate action. 

    Inspiring video