12.11.21 - Climate Action is...




...what you make it?!

Today's keynote videos and the All You Need to Know pack provide lots of tips for working out what your own climate action is.

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  • Daily Action: Make a Pledge for the Climate

    Today is about reflecting on the what's been learnt this week and making a challenging yet achievable pledge. 
    Use the online form provided to share your pledges and to reflect on the week long Climate Action Challenge.
    - Whole class pledge & reflection survey
    - Individual pledge & reflection survey

    Short videos from South Grove Primary  [video 1, video 2] and Chingford Foundation Secondary [video 1, video 2, video 3] offer lots of inspiration.

    Make a pledge - details & ideas
  • Keynote speaker: Primary school

    Students from Barncroft Primary school

    Start the day with this keynote video from students at Barncroft Primary school who are taking part in OrganicLea’s Green Influencer programme.

    They'll show us what actions they are doing and new ideas for reducing the school’s climate and environmental impacts.

    Keynote supporting resource
  • Keynote speaker: Secondary schools and colleges

    Serena Bashal

    Start the day watching this inspirational keynote video by Serena Bashal from Chingford who shares her insights about being part of the youth delegation to COP26 and why she is making climate action her career.


    Keynote supporting resource
  • KS1 & KS2 Resource

    The Brave Times

    The Brave Times is an online, international newspaper designed by young people for young people. It showcases what is currently happening to our planet and shares inspiring articles and resources to create appetite for change. 
    It includes this teachers guide.

    Visit the Brave Times
  • KS3 & KS4 resources

    Future We Want

    This official COP26 project shares visions of feasible, desirable and resilient net-zero futures by of six young people from different parts of the world.

    Recommended resource
  • Post 16

    Doughnut Economics tools & stories

    Do you want to know why sustainable economics looks like a doughnut? Find a collection of educational resources about Doughnut Economics here including this detailed Youth Mayors Field Guide written for students who want to make change in their communities.

    Learn about the Doughnut model
  • Families

    Suntrap Book Club

    Making a gratitude tree on the theme of caring for the planet is a simple and beautiful for people of all ages to reflect and share what is meaningful about our living world.


    There are many ways to teach children to take care of the natural world, and one simple yet powerful approach is through books visit the Suntrap Book Club page for recommendations.

    Suntrap Book Club
  • More inspiration: Podcasts, books, etc.

    Climate INSET

    Is your Climate Action teaching others?

    The UK Schools Climate Network bought together experts and organistions to produce a 1 hour Climate INSET video for schools and colleges which is supported with this communications pack.

    Get some other teachers together, watch and discuss.



    Climate INSET film
  • CPD Sessions

    Climate Action is…. educating

    Waltham Forest Council is putting young people at the heart of action against the climate emergency and education needs to play a key role in tackling carbon emission and nourishing resilient future citizens.

    Whether it is about direct carbon emission reductions, caring for one another and the planet, or careers in the green economy climate change education and action can take in many forms.

    Click here to read more on the CPD sessions.

    Click for Booking link