Charities & voluntary groups at Suntrap

Based in Epping Forest on the edge of East London, choosing Suntrap as your venue brings together the perfect blend of the natural world in comfortable surroundings.

Ideal for a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities.

At Suntrap, we value all the great work that charities and voluntary groups achieve in supporting local people.

Our aim in working with you, is to ensure your funded project, whatever shape or size is an engaging, memorable and successful experience.  

  • Venue hire

    Flexible spaces that work for you

    Our recently refurbished rooms in the main building and Ash outdoor garden room are available as a room only or as part of a package tailor-made to your requirements. Ideal for your AGM, group work, open forums and creative activities. 

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  • Team Building for young people

    Bonding & trust through shared experiences

    We provide fun and exhilarating outdoor activities for young people that they'll actually enjoy (we've a track record), while helping them to develop collaboration and leadership skills with a focus on problem solving and challenges! 


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  • Funding opportunities

    Working in partnership

    To help you we've compiled a list of organisations that can provide more information about funding opportunities. It doesn’t include every source of funding but hopefully provides a starting point to support your aims.


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