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There are many ways to teach children to take care of the natural world, and one simple yet powerful approach is through books.

On this page we're putting together our favourite inspirational books that offer meaningful messages about nature and the environment.

Happy reading!

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  • Owl Babies

    Written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson

    Published by Walker Books £6.00 Board Book

    Age range: Three to five year olds

    Touchingly beautiful ... Drawn with exquisite delicacy ... The perfect picture book. ― The Guardian

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  • Old Enough to Save the Planet

    Authors Anna Taylor, Loll Kirby Illustrator Aledina Lirius

    Published by Magic Cat Publishers

    Age range Six to eleven years old

    Twelve incredible young people around the world mobilise their communities to fight climate change.

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  • 10 ways I Can Save My World

    Written and illustrated by Melanie Walsh

    Published by Candlewick £9.99 (p/b)

    For age range: 3 - 7 years

    Discover how to reduce, reuse, and recycle and conserve energy through vibrant illustrations and simple ideas.

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  • Guess What Is Growing Inside the Egg

    Published by Millbrook Press £9.99 h/b

    Age range: 4-9 years old

    Crack, crack...animal babies are hatched all over the place. Can you figure out who's who?

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  • Lost Spells

    Written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris

    Published by Hamish Hamilton £14.99 (h/b)

    Age range: 5 years upwards 

    It’s a celebration of the nearby wild. If there is a message there, it is simply wonder and awe at the beautiful complexity of the non-human. And respect, for the wisdom of trees, the shape of a bird, the wild of the fox.”

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  • Superworm

    Written by Julia Donaldson illustrated by Axel Scheffler

    Published by Alison Green Books £6.99 p/b

    Age range: Two - seven year-olds

    Superworm is a must for all Julia Donaldson fans, it really is a lovely story about the power of friendship.

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  • Ten Step: Drawing Nature

    Written and illustrated by Mary Woodin

    Published by Search Press Ltd £8.99 p/b

    For all ages

    Will help you turn simple steps into beautiful nature images in just ten steps.

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  • The Promise

    By Nicola Davies and illustrated by Laura Carlin

    Published by Walker Books £7.99 (p/b)

    Age range: Five years and

    'Inspired by the belief that a relationship with nature is essential to every human being..'  

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  • Entangled Life: How Fungi make our world, change our minds and shape our futures

    Written by Merlin Sheldrake

    Published by Vintage Books £20.00 h/b

    Age range: Adult

    'A mind-bending journey into the hidden universe of fungi'


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  • Agents of the Wild: Operation Honeyhunt

    Written by Jennifer Bell and illustrated by Alice Lickens

    Published by Walker Books £6.99 p/b

    Age range six to eight years old 

    'Fun-packed young fiction with wildlife conservation themes'.

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  • My Year

    By Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake

    Published by Penguin Random House £9.00 digital

    Age range 9 - 12 years

    Inspirational and memorable concoction of hilarious childhood anecdotes of the natural world.

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  • The Hare and the Tortoise

    Retold and illustrated by Helen Ward

    Published by Millbrook Press £9.99 (h/b)

    Age range: Readers five years upwards

    Watch Sasha the Suntrap tortoise reenact this story on the Suntrap You Tube channel.


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  • My 1st Book of Garden Bugs

    By Mike Unwin, illustrated by Tony Sanchez

    Published by Bloomsbury Press. £7.99 (H/B)

    Age range: 5 years-old +.

    Take a journey through the garden and discover the bugs that are living there.

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  • A Child' Guide to Wildflowers

    By Charlotte Voake

    Published by Random House   £8.99 (P/B)

    Age range: 5 years-old + 

    Discover the names of the flowers that you see every day.

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  • Fanatical about Frogs

    Written and illustrated by Owen Davey

    Published by Flying Eye Books £12.99 (h/b)

    Reading age 7+

    Interest 5 - 9 years old

    Shortlisted for the 2020 Blue Peter Book awards.

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  • The House at Pooh Corner

    By AA Milne, illustrated by EH Shepard

    Published by Egmont UK Ltd £8.99 (p/b)

    Pooh is the bear for all ages

    'You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes'. Winnie-the-Pooh   

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  • Caterpillar, Butterfly

    Author Vivian French Illustrated by Charlotte Voake

    Published by Walker Books Ltd £7.99 p/b

    Age range five years upwards

    'A great book for any children who love learning about nature'.

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  • I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast

    Written by Michael Holland, illustrated by Philip Giodano

    Published by Flying Eye Books Hard/Back £14.99

    Age range: Nine to fourteen years old 

    Blog post by author Michael Holland

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  • Wangari Maathai: The woman who planted a million trees

    Author Franck Prevot and illustrated by Aurelia Fronty

    Published by Charlesbridge £5.99 (p/b)

    Age range: Seven to ten years old 

    Wangari Maathai received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her efforts to lead women in a non-violent struggle to bring peace and democracy to Africa through its deforestation. 

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  • Rocket says look up!

    By Nathan Bryon and illustrated by Dapo Adeola

    Published by Puffin £6.99

    Age range: Three to seven years 

    Bursting with energy and passion about science and space.

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  • World without fish

    By Mark Kurlansky, illustrated by Frank Stockton

    Published by Workman Publishing £9.99

    Age range ten upwards

    This book issues a call to action to kids by outlining what will happen due to ill effects of over-fishing, pollution and climate change. 

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  • Tidy

    By Emily Gravett

    Published by Two Hoots £6.99

    Age range: Three to seven years old

    Funny, rhyming woodland story with an environmental message. 

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  • The rabbit, the dark and the biscuit tin

    By Nicola O'Byrne

    Published by Nosy Crow £7.99 (p/b)

    Age range two to five years old

    Watch our storytime video on the Suntrap You Tube channel. 

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  • The Bog Baby

    By Jeanne Willis

    Published by Puffin Books £6.99 (p/b)

    Age range two to six year olds

    Story to explain how animals have to live in different places.

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  • I am the seed that grew the tree: A Nature Poem for every day of the year

    Compiled by Fiona Waters and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

    Published by Big Picture Book £14.99

    Age range:  Seven-to-ten-year-olds to read alone. 

    Anthology of poems about the natural world.

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  • The Wood: The Life and Times of Cockshutt Wood

    Written by John Lewis-Stempel

    Published by Transworld £9.99

    Age range: For young adults

    Story of English woodlands as they change with the seasons.

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  • Bee and me!

    Illustrated by Alison Jay

    Published by Old Barn Books £6.99

    Age range: Two - five years old

    Introduction for small children to the ecology of the natural world.

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  • Greta and the giants

    Written by Zoe Tucker and illustrated by Zoe Persico

    Published by Francis Lincoln Children's Books £6.99

    Age range: Four - seven years old  

    Inspired by Greta Thunberg and role in environmental activism in the climate and ecological emergency.

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  • Daniel Finds a Poem

    Author Micha Archer

    Published by Amazon £16.00

    Age range: Five to eight years old

    'Poetry and nature belong to city children too..' 

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  • The Wonders of Nature

    Author Ben Hoare

    Published by Dorling Kindersley £20.00

    Age range: Seven to nine years old

    Discover the wonders of planet Earth

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  • The Not So Great Outdoors

    Author Madeline Kloepper

    Published by Tundra Books £14.99

    Age range: Four to seven years old  

    Reminder of the beauty and magic that can be found away from the city and our screens. 

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  • The Lost Words: A Spell Book

    Authors Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris

    Published by Hamish Hamilton £15

    Age range: 3 up for adults to read (or sing) with children

    'Book of spells' which seeks to conjure back the magic and strangeness of the natural world...

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  • Compost Stew

    Written by Mary McKenna Siddals illustrated by Ashley Wolff

    Published by Random House Children's Books £11.99 (H/B)

    Age range 3 - 7 years old

    'An imaginative and engaging introduction to the concept of composting'. 

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  • Bird Therapy

    Written by Joe Harkness

    Published by Unbound Publishing p/b £9.99

    Age range: Adult

    'This joyous journal celebrates the redemptive power of nature'.

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  • Underland: a Deep Time Journey

    Written by Robert MacFarlane

    Published by Penguin Books £10.99

    Age range: Adult

    The Guardian 100 Best Books of the 21st Century

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  • Evelyn the Adventurous Entomologist: The True Story of a World-Traveling Bug Hunter

    By Christine Evans, illustrated by Yasmin Imaura

    Published by Innovation Pres £14.99 h/b

    Age range Five to nine years old 

    'Great messages about doing what you love, overcoming obstacles and taking care of this world'...

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  • Apple Pigs

    Written and illustrated by Ruth Orbach

    Published by National Trust Books £9.99 h/b

    Age range: Two to five years old

    A timeless classic this beautifully illustrated tale of an apple tree that grows too many apples.

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  • Stick Man

    Written by Julia Donaldson illustrated by Axel Schiffler

    Published by Alison Green Books £6.99 (p/b)

    Age range: Three to seven-year-olds

    A heart-warming rhyming tale of family, courage and adventure from the creators of The Gruffalo.

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  • Wonderland: A Year of Britain's Wildlife day by day

    Written by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss

    Published by John Murray Press £12.99 p/b

    Age range: Adult 

    ‘A beautifully written love letter to the astonishing variety of Britain's wildlife, animal, vegetable and fungal. Although such an elegantly written book can be read cover to cover, it could also function as a day-to-day reference.' Sunday Times

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  • London's Street Trees: A Field guide to the Urban Forest

    Written by Paul Wood

    Published by Safe Haven Books £14.99 p/b

    Age range: Adult

    It will make everyone who lives in this amazing city look at their own street in a new way.

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  • Last Child in the Woods

    Written by Richard Louv

    Published by Atlantic Books £11.99 (p/b)

    Age range: Adult

    This timely book shows how our children have become increasingly alienated and distanced from nature, why this matters and how we can make a difference.

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  • Never Home Alone

    Written by Rob Dunn

    Published by Hatchett p/b £7.99

    Age range:  Adult 

    From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets and Honeybees, the Natural History of Where We Live

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  • Winter - An Anthology for the changing seasons

    Edited by Melissa Harrison

    Published by Elliot and Thompson £12.99 (h/b)

    Age range: For all ages

    Be inspired on a winter walk by writers who adore the frosty season

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  • A Life in Nature

    Written by Mark Hamer

    Published by Vintage £8.99 p/b

    Age range: Adult

    A captivating, life-affirming memoir of a life in nature that celebrates finding wonder in our world. The perfect gift for nature lovers.

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  • Diary of a Young Naturalist

    Written by Dara McAnulty

    Published by Little Toller Books £16.00 (h/b)

    Age range: Young adults

    Like reading William Black or Ted Hughes, it really is a strange and magical experience.

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