At Home Safari Film Challenge

We are very excited to reveal that we have 10 winners of our At Home Safari film challenge ?

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part. The team here at Suntrap and David Lindo our head judge have enjoyed watching all the entries and we have admired all the effort that has gone into making them. The films below have kept us amused, in awe, entertained and informed. Well done to the producers, filmers, creators and narrators behind the winning films. 

So in no particular order and along with some words from our Judge our winners are….


1.  Clara and Ira (age 5 & 7) - As a butterfly. David said ‘A delightful film. I loved the storytelling from caterpillar to butterfly’ 


2.  Emily (age 6) - Frog or Toad. David said ‘A really interesting film that will hopefully make cityfolk see these amphibians in a different way’


3.  Siri (age 11) - A visiting hedgehog. David said ‘A really nice piece of storytelling with some great wildlife footage. You really felt like a fly on the wall (excuse the pun!) whilst watching this’


4.  Jesse (age 4) - Blackbird nest. David said ‘A nice window into the nesting life of Blackbirds’


5.  Leila (age 9) - Zigzag crossing. David said ‘I absolutely loved this film! I thought that it was very clever to use models for the animals and the information delivered was factual and clear. There is a greater message in this film about how we should treat each other. Brilliant effort!’


6.  Linus (age 7) - Pond creatures. David said ‘Linus is a very knowledgable fellow when it comes to pond creatures’


7.  Jasper (age 6) - Peaceful ant. David said ‘A great introduction to the life of an ant’


8.  Avery (age 10) - Monkeys of Walthamstow. David said ‘A funny film that teaches us about the survival of the fittest’


9.  Rafet (age 11) - Rafet's garden. David said ‘Great observations of Goldfinches’


10.  Louka (age 8) - Louka looking under logs in the garden. David said ‘A good educational film’


Watch the winning films.


Stayed tune for more challenges and competitions later this year.



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