Big Schools Birdwatch 2021

Inspire your class with Big Schools' Birdwatch 2021

Many of your pupils will be worried about the climate emergency and the loss of species, but may struggle to know a real life practical way they can help. One simple way is to get your class involved in the Royal Society Protection of Bird’s (RSPB) Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2021. 

Without having to leave your school grounds, pupils have the opportunity to become citizen scientists, contributing data to important long-term research about the health of the British bird population. The RSPB provide all resources online as well as a website to which pupils may upload their findings directly. The RSPB will share the results of your survey so your class can see how their research is contributing to a national survey.

It is relatively easy to plan a lesson around the bird watch and there are many national curriculum links. Registration is open until Monday 1st February 2021 and you can submit your results any time between Monday 5th January to Monday 22nd February 2021.

David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder is a broadcaster, writer, naturalist and Patron of Suntrap Forest Centre has given us a few urban birding tips to get your pupils started.

David’s main passion is for urban birds and he spends his time doing as much as he can to promote the appreciation and conservation of the birds that share London with us.  Hopefully this activity will develop a few more urban birders!




David Lindo's urban birdwatching top tips

See your urban environment as how a bird would: The buildings are cliffs and any green areas are an oasis for nesting, resting and feeding.

Don’t stress about learning the names and songs of all the birds you encounter, just enjoy them.

Learn at your own pace.

You don’t have to wear green anoraks; you can look cool and fashionable, I find the birds prefer it too.

Get your friends involved.

Find a local patch to regularly visit.

Think that anything can turn up anywhere at anytime. That still works for me to this day.

Don’t go out expecting to see anything. That way you’ll never be disappointed but most likely be surprised.

David's message is simple – look up!

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