Useful Links

Here are some organisations and activities to inspire you!

Creative STAR
Juliet Robertson one of Scotland’s leading education consultants who specialises in outdoor learning and play.
Learning Through Landscapes
Learning through Landscapes helps children to connect with nature, become more active, learn outdoors, develop social skills and have fun. This site is for anyone who shares our passion for creating stimulating outdoor learning and play experiences for children and young people.
Woodland Trust
Activity packs available to download.
Woodland Trust Scotland & Forestry Commission Scotland
Outdoor learning pack
Natural Connections
A large-scale, three year demonstration project using a model which brings together schools and outdoor learning providers at a local level to identify, and work to overcome, barriers to learning in natural environments and to support and embed increased use of local green spaces for learning across the curriculum.
National Trust
Website trying to reconnect children with nature.
Get Children Outdoors
Website of Sarah Blackwell who has been working with children in the outdoors for the last 30 years.  The site aims to help children establish and grow in confidence, self-esteem and emotional awareness through activity in the outdoors.
The Wild Network
The Wild Network exists to champion and support connections with nature and wildness in children and young people.
Empty classroom day
Spend a lesson learning outside the classroom on Friday 17th June 2016!